Who Is Dr. Ira?

Dr. Ira Roach III

America's Leadership Expert

Dr. Ira Roach III is a National Speaker, Certified Trainer, and Coach with the Les Brown University. 

He has been trained by the one and only Les Brown – the top motivational speaker in the world! Combined with the Les Brown Unlimited training, his personal experiences, knowledge, and skills, he has the pleasure to work with entrepreneurs and business professionals on how to write their first book, second or even third and become that expert in their niche.

Dr. Ira has also been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox. He is also an Award Nominated Actor, a Published Author of “Daddy Knows Best” and a loving father to his children.

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Dr. Ira Life's Journey

Dr. Ira’s childhood an adolescent years were filled with deep depression and self-resentment due to the after effects of bullying.  He suffered verbal and emotional abuse which caused him to have low self-esteem and many suicide attempts.  He was plagued with these effects from his teens through his twenties and late thirties. He finally realized he had the power to change his life through his God-given gifts to live his dreams.  He now teaches others how to the same thing.

“Don’t let anyone’s opinion of you become your reality. “ – Les Brown

Dr. Ira uses his own testimony of “living beyond labels” to lecture and assist people.

Dr. Ira Roach III